On my list of things to get excited about, room reveals or seasonal decorating certainly rank higher than home improvement projects like toilet repair or how to install a sink. Boring. The topic of new window and door replacement was equally dry to me but I’ve had a change of heart on the matter. I now think installing new windows and doors is a hot topic, especially when you witness the true life transformation of ugly to pretty over two days which results in a huge crush on of all things your windows. 

When we first bought the fixer upper house in Las Vegas my initial thought was to cover the old windows with layered window treatments but Matt is the real estate appraiser and gave me the “honey, this makes sense” speech because he knew that new windows would add value to the home, especially when we sell it in a year or two.

So today I wanted to share the reasons why we believe it was a wise investment. I know, that sounds like a commercial right? And I hate to sound like a commercial but when it happens to you, new windows are a real true to life “OMG I’m so glad we did this” experience.

5 reasons to invest in new windows

We got a few bids over the summer, and chose to work with Home Depot since they had a 10% off deal and we liked their rep. We bought a combination of double hung and a custom picture window for the living room, two light sliders for the bedrooms and sunroom/dining room, divided light for the front windows to match the neighbors homes, and a new French rail sliding door for the family room.

The installer took perfect measurements and the windows were ready five weeks later. Home Depot sent very courteous and experienced contractors who arrived on time and did a fantastic job on the installation process. Their supervisor stopped in twice to check on work and our satisfaction. It took two full days to replace the first and second story windows and the sliding door, we chose the Simonton brand, and we’re so pleased with the results for these five reasons.

1) Aesthetic The new vinyl windows look a million times better than the old aluminum ones. The new white frames are modern and fresh, more light (but not heat) enters the house, and the view of the trees and yard are visibly clearer.    

old windows sunroom


new windows in sunroom

This room is my favorite in the house, it’s a bonus room with a high pitched ceiling that is just off the kitchen and designed as a formal dining room but I think it’s better for a home office, it has a view of the pool and it’s such a bright and cheerful space.

new windows after


2) Temperature Control  The old owners had applied dark window film on several of the windows to restrict sunlight and over time it had bubbled and peeled off in places. The new windows have insulating “low E glass with argon gas” which blocks UV rays so the temperature stays lower. According to their website, low E glass is “a transparent metallic oxide coating applied to the glass surface that allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy for greater thermal efficiency.”

old hall new hall window

Standing next the new windows in the Las Vegas sun you can feel the temperature difference that the new windows offer. Before the new windows, we would stand next to them and feel the heat coming through but we’re no longer pelted by sun and heat and there is a much clearer view of the yard. 

3) Energy Savings –  With energy efficient windows, we will receive Energy Star federal tax credits and local energy rebates that will add up to major savings. New windows cost thousands of dollars but the lower heating and cooling bills are definitely something to smile about and will pay for themselves over the course of time.

energy efficient window rebates


4) Performance Compared to the old, the new windows and sliding door are a breeze to open and close. The old ones were a pain to maneuver, the metal was heavier, it would catch and not slide smoothly, now they open and close with the push or pull of a finger.

I watched the process over the course of two days, the contractor removed each window from its frame, then prepared the surface for the new vinyl energy efficient windows. The team of two used shims to level each window, filled gaps with foam, and caulked each window with silicone for weather proofing and insulation, then used a white trim kit to frame the windows inside and out.

old new master


The old metal sliding door was the worst, it had to be lifted up by its handle to be moved at all because the ball bearings were completely shot, we hated it so much and cursed every time we had to open or close it. This is the main door in and out of the backyard so it was important to have something that functioned and looked better.

old aluminum slider


The sliding door required removing the entire door frame and it took the most time. They used a special trim kit for seamless installation.

sliding door installation


I’m still planning on installing window treatments right here but at least with the new glass this room stays a lot cooler.

new sliding door evening


5.) Value  Here are Matt’s thoughts on this point. “The value of new windows can be very important depending on the market, especially in areas with severe climate changes. Areas of extreme heat or cold require double or even triple pane windows. Aluminum windows have inferior insulation qualities and also a dated appearance. 

Even first time buyer recognize new windows and their real estate agents are quick to point the benefits including lower utility costs. In my experience, new windows typically add dollar for dollar value, depending on the the quality and price of the windows. New windows also have safety latches built in for greater security and protection. Also consider getting a transferrable lifetime warranty to pass on to future buyers.”

old aluminum living room


new white living room windows


With the new flooring, new windows, and smooth retextured walls the house is on its way to feeling brand new. Have you experienced the same benefits by replacing your windows or sliding doors?  .

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