When Dove approached me about sharing this sweet video on Snippet & Ink, and talking about their Amazing Moments campaign for Dove Clinical Protection—I didn’t hesitate. First, Louisa and Rob’s story is darling and wonderfully unexpected, and totally brought tears to my eyes because I’m a hopeless romantic. And second, I already use Dove Clinical Protection on a daily basis, and have used it for years, and you better believe it was part of my wedding day getting ready kit. After all, it offers wetness protection and has 1/4 moisturizers to care for skin. Because really, who wants to be worried about sweating from nerves and excitement ever, especially on your wedding day.

When I look back on my wedding day, there are so many wonderful moments that stand out to me. Mostly I was excited, and happy, and totally full of love! I couldn’t stop smiling and kissing Ryan! But standing outside the church doors with my parents, waiting to walk down the aisle… that was by far the most nervous I felt all day. Excited and happy and full of love, but so nervous. I remember thinking, “Let’s do this already!”  That was definitely the moment that made me sweat.

rose-jo-malone-wedding-photos-dove-anti-persperant Photo: Christina McNeill / Wedding Photo Prints: Elizabeth Messina

Here’s the thing. When I think back on my wedding day, I definitely don’t think about what I applied to my underarms. In fact, I almost never think about my antiperspirant at all (unless I run out and need to buy more) and it’s because I found one that works, that smells nice, and doesn’t irritate my skin. Isn’t that the way it should be?

first-dance-aretha-franklin-25 Photo: Elizabeth Messina

There are lots of moments in life that make us sweat, and getting married is a big one. Maybe you’re worried about missing a step during your first dance, maybe you don’t like being the center of attention, or maybe the thought of giving a speech terrifies you – or maybe you’re like me and it’s just the anticipation that gets to you!

pretty-dove-anti-perspirant-deodorantPhoto: Christina McNeill

Enter Dove’s Amazing Moments campaign. It’s all about showing how the moments that make us sweat can also be the most amazing moments of all. So we want to know: what are the moments that made you sweat? Were they also some of the most amazing moments? Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to watch Louisa and Rob’s Amazing Moments video at Dove.us/DoveClinicalProtection. Let us know if it make you tear up like we did!

This post is sponsored by Dove. 


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