Who loves no chocolate biscuits?

The small round Seductions are definitely tasty and one cannot agree at all enough of it. Oreo biscuits with creamy filling are a true classical author and total favorite inside of the biscuits. A double biscuit exists of two baked parts with white filling with vanilla aroma bound together. On account of the high cocoa content, the biscuits have a characteristic almost black color and taste chocolate sourish. Oreo came in 1912 for the first time on the market in the USA and are the mostly sold biscuits in the history. They have become even like Coke a true cultural brand name of the USA. Arbitrarily they are dipped in milk and are consumed so, but it also happen completely many recipes for Oreo cakes and cakes and the biscuits are placed on the floor.
The Oreo crumbs can be used for different recipes. To begin with, Cake making and grounds are positioned for it. However, for it, the biscuits must be crumbled before well. This succeeds most quickly and simplest with a mixer, but it’s also without if nobody is accessible. Because of this, a lockable plastic bag is demanded. Take a few biscuits, are in and with a rolling-pin, you roll with it several times about the bag. Repeat several times, as long as you are given the crumbs in the wished size.

For the ground:22 Oreo biscuits

1 sugar EL
3 EL melted butter
For the creme:
450 gs of cream
450 cream cheese
1 cup of sugar
1/4 icing sugar
14 Oreo biscuits
For the dough Oreo biscuits are crumbled to you in the mixer finely. You give for it the melted butter and the sugar and mix you well. You press the occurred masses the grounds of a suitable baking tin and, besides, you form a small border. You cover the caked ground with fresh holds foil and you put for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.



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