Hello my close friends! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!

I’ll be sharing far more of our Christmas decor next week but I had to laugh as I talked with fellow blogging friends earlier this week. We all shared pictures of our houses “behind the scenes” and it always makes me feel so great to know I’m not the only one particular who does not have it all together.

Blogging is a double-edged sword – you want to inspire and show quite spaces but these pretty spaces can also generate an unrealistic image of how we really reside. I have usually tried to share how we live day to day with you, or genuine life you could say. Honestly, sharing these photographs is one particular of my preferred issues about blogging. Nobody has it all collectively. Well…maybe a few, but not numerous people I know. 🙂

I took these photos soon after I completed taking the “good” shots for the tour of our family members area and kitchen earlier this week. Our crazy-A cat knocked a container complete of pebbles off the island the morning I took photographs. And it stayed till that evening – you just couldn’t see it:

Oh yeah, and the spilled wax on the floor and trash sticking out of the compactor is a nice added touch. 🙂

Our kitchen island nonetheless appears like this:

As an alternative of this:&#160

beadboard kitchen island

Due to the fact we had to pull it out in the course of the renovation and all that pretty beadboard had to come out with it. 🙁 I haven’t fixed it yet because the island will be expanded subsequent year when I tackle the kitchen reno.

The living area was my dumping zone:

Not pictured are the two trash bags I ended up filling with STUFF from around the property that I just didn’t want to deal with. They are currently in the garage and have been since Monday. )

The mud area was piled higher also:

Every thing but the paint cans is gone now, so the very good news is we can stroll through there now. Yay for ME!

This shot is one particular of my favorites in our family space:

graphite paint color dresser

And that strategically placed paper weight hides a spot exactly where one of the cats got sick on the dresser:

Cat puke is a normal point around here (we have an old kitty that requirements steroid shots due to the fact he gets sick regularly). I’ve in no way had it eat away at paint although!

So yeah…I never want to give the impression that my home constantly looks like it does in the images. It is always a warm, welcoming place but it is usually not picked up and there’s Always anything piled up or not completed. Often. It is just normal. 🙂

I do love hunting at pretty photographs but even as a blogger it gets overwhelming at occasions. The very good issue is I spent all day yesterday cleaning for a celebration and now our residence is all picked up and clean…I should take some images. )

Have a great weekend!!

Thrifty Decor Chick


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