A couple of weeks ago I was approached with an offer from on the web florist firm The Bouqs to verify out their flowers and solutions. The Bouqs flowers are grown on farms in either Equador or in California and they cut them to order and ship quickly. This implies that the flowers arrive inside a few days of cutting versus the one particular to two weeks of regular on the web services. &nbspThe flowers come in flat fee pricing usually beginning at \$40, which contains shipping. You can order the flowers in arrangements or as cut stems. &nbspHere’s their sort of cheeky organization video:

I ordered the “Peace” flowers which were shipped from Equador and had been to consist of twelve white roses with modest purple accent flowers (their advertising and marketing photo is just under).

This provide did not consist of immediate delivery so I cannot attest to how quick you will get them on a regular order. Their box and packaging is well-developed, desirable and sturdy.

A little note that accompanied the flowers.&nbsp

The flowers had been well wrapped and virtually bolted to the box to preserve them from rattling about even though in shipping.&nbsp

They have been wrapped in corrugated paper, then plastic, then brown paper. There reduce stems have been not wrapped in any sort of special wet packaging but I think about the plastic wrap helps hold in the moisture.

And the roses themselves are lastly revealed! Some outdoors petals did need to be removed, but not a issue.&nbsp

I did a easy Christmas arrangement in a vintage sterling silver tea pot with holly. The roses opened up really quickly – in an hour or two – which had me worried that they would fade extremely speedily.&nbsp
The flowers arrived on December 2nd as noticed above. I took the photo of the arrangement below on December 4th.&nbsp

And this photo was taken on December 7th.

I finally threw them out on the 12th. They lasted about 10 days in excellent condition. I never ever recut the stems or replaced the water, so had I taken greater care of them they probably would have lasted a little longer. &nbspI was absolutely impressed with the flowers.&nbsp
So, check out The Bouqs if you are seeking to send stunning fresh flowers for the holidays!&nbsp

As stated above, I was sent a free arrangement of flowers to verify them out and additionally, this post consists of an affiliate link to The Bouqs which implies I will obtain a tiny commission if you make a purchase using these hyperlinks. All opinions and photographs, unless otherwise stated, are my own.&nbsp
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