Vogue designer Hussein Chalayan has produced elasticated costumes and sequinned garments for performers in his very first self-directed dance manufacturing (+ slideshow).

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Elastic Bodies part

Gravity Fatigue opened this week at London’s Sadler’s Wells theatre – 15 years right after he employed the place to present his Afterwords trend collection.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Elastic Bodies segment

The manufacturing is split into 18 chapters that each and every check out themes of identity, displacement and invisibility – scenarios frequently examined by the designer in his collections.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Elastic Bodies section

Getting attended practically every single performance at Sadler’s Wells, Chalayan was approached two many years ago by the theatre’s innovative director Alistair Spalding, who proposed that he directed his very own production.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Elastic Bodies segment

“Hussein and I received to know every other over a quantity of years, he’s constantly right here, virtually each overall performance,” mentioned Spalding for the duration of a speak before final night’s overall performance. “He’s worked on a couple of small items with us, but then I determined in the finish that I would request him to lead and direct a undertaking.”

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“I had been collecting ideas for numerous many years because, so the minute that you asked me previously a whole lot of ideas have been there for me,” responded Chalayan. “Because I’ve directed films prior to and I have made exhibitions and installations for me it felt extremely all-natural to be operating within these realms.”

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan

The designer presented Spalding with a variety of photos that represented various essential themes. The pair then worked with each other to edit these down to a set of 18, which ultimately formed the framework of the manufacturing.

Chalayan then enlisted the help of Belgian choreographer Damien Jalet – who has previously collaborated with Givenchy inventive director Ricardo Tisci and artist Marina Abramovic – to execute his concepts by way of movement.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Corporeal segment

“It was absolutely a challenge to out of the blue reverse and say okay I’m going to do the opposite of what I normally do,” mentioned Jalet. “I’ve already worked with designers ahead of as I really like to create a dialogue with costume as it adjustments the body and the perception of it.”

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Rise Disembodiment part

For numerous of the sections, steps and movements were formed right after Chalayan had presented Jalet with a garment representing the notion he desired to convey.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Delayed Presence area

1 area of the manufacturing titled Elastic Bodies includes pairs of dancers moving inside of an elasticated garment – with a single appearing to have management above the other.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Millionaire Dance segment

“Because of my expertise of doing work all these many years with outfits, I know the range of movements that they can make,” explained Chalayan. “When I brought them more than, I had of how they can be played with, and how they can be stretched out and the can be utilised in a particular way.”

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Gravity Fatigue segment

“With elastic bodies, I knew from the loop of the dress that it you would need two people to stretch it out,” he continued. “We spoke to the cast and stated this is the concept and they commenced to perform close to. There was a great deal of trial and error, but we would catch moments and start to create them.”

Chalayan’s childhood encounter of living between Cyprus and the Uk is a recurring theme throughout Gravity Fatigue, and is particularly prominent in a area titled Arrival of Departure.

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Gravity Fatigue section

“Arrival of Departure stems from an ongoing curiosity of mine of displacement since I was always amongst Cyprus and London increasing up,” Chalayan mentioned. “The theme is about that gap among arriving and departing, and not being aware of whether you arrive to a spot or depart from a place.”

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Nude Catwalk area

The set design and style for this section revolves close to a part of an aeroplane. Dancers seem on the stage wearing plain-coloured coats, before unbuttoning them to reveal fully sequinned garments.

“Hussein came with this quite certain layout of a reversible jacket,” mentioned Jalet. “We started out to experiment with it right up until we discovered this centrifugal motion where the clothing have been pulling the dancer and there grew to become this type of momentum. It felt like abruptly the dancers were getting carried by the coat.”

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Hong Kong Heights area

“If you appear at it cautiously all the coats have all the add-ons in developed,” mentioned Chalayan. “The notion was that you are not departing from your possessions, for that reason you are not leaving.”

Gravity Fatigue by Hussein Chalayan Anticipation of Participation section

Chalayan celebrated 21 many years in the fashion enterprise with the opening of his very first retail retailer in September 2015. A month later, his Paris catwalk present featured a shower that dissolved a pair of soluble outfits.

Other fashion designers that have worked with dance productions consist of Gareth Pugh, who created sculptural costumes for a ballet at London’s Royal Opera Property in 2012.

Gravity Fatigue is showing at Sadler’s Wells from 28 to 31 October 2015.

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