Floral curtains always impress us with the fresh and countrified feature so that they enjoy the popularity among elegant and graceful ladies. Besides the curtain, how can we achieve the ideal effects in home decor? Just follow me!

Floral Curtains

The exquisite embroidery makes the curtain look vivid, as if they were giving away the charm flower scent just from the curtain. Blackout curtain fabric attached with the light window screen fully shows the unique beauty of room. Here the blue floral curtains from highendcurtain are for your reference.

Blue Floral Curtains

The blue color can provide people a peaceful and tranquil environment. The floral pattern makes the curtain more elegant and pastoral. Ladies may be immersed in such curtain at a glance and gentlemen seem to be able to recite the poem instantly by standing beside the curtain.

Floor Lamps

Light is inevitable in every bedroom. And the LED floor lamp must be a good choice since it is very energy saving and is practical for your bedroom.

blue modern curtains

It is better for you to choose the blue and simple floor lamp, which can go well with the whole modern style and will not make the whole decoration too messy.

Bunny Chairs

Besides the lamp, there must be a comfortable and chic chair for you to have a rest or do some reading.

green chairs

This bunny chair inspired from the feature of the rabbit can make people feel energetic and delightful. Also, it is the European style with smooth line which can go well with the whole tone of the home decor.

Vintage Vases

To make your room full of life and energy, fresh flower and plant is necessary in your home especially in your bedroom, and so as the unique vase.

blue bronze vase

Against the floral curtains, the blue bronze vase with blossoms looks more vintage and classic. Also, this vase is very practical in that it can match various kinds of flowers well.

In all, curtain plays an important part in home decor, so you’d better choose the curtain with certain pattern to guide the whole tone of your room. As the saying goes, a man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps, which can be adapted into this pattern: A man’s life condition can be known by the curtains he choose.If you want the elegant style, just start with the blue floral curtains.


  1. Blue folral curtains are so beautiful and really suit for my bedroom, and i also like greenery color, i really need your suggestion which is better for the bedroom, i waver a lot now.


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