Dezeen’s Dan Howarth selects his favourite collections from the 2015 crop of Central Saint Martins BA Style graduates, which incorporated wire mobiles, knitted puppets and balloon animals.

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Han Kim Han Kim. Major image: Gabriele Skucas

Forty students from this year’s batch of graduates presented their function in the course of a demonstrate at Central Saint Martins’ Kings Cross campus last Wednesday, although the remaining students staged a protest outside the venue.

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Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Angus Lai Angus Lai

Program director Willie Walters told Dezeen that the show was “a digestible assortment of perform which ideal represents the stories, themes and tactics of the BA course”.

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Susan Fang Susan Fang

Like the BA Fashion graduates from the Royal University of Artwork, who showed their collections on the identical evening last week, many of the Central Saint Martins students turned their garments into wearable sculptures with the use wire frames, inflatables and structured material elements.

Study on for Dezeen’s prime six collections from this year’s display:

Gabriele Skucas

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Gabriele Skucas

Gabriele Skucas knitted his complete menswear assortment from black and white wool, generating each wearable garments and a assortment of absurd “equipment” shaped like children’s toys.

These integrated dolls strung in a chain all around the neck, a giant rabbit carried on the back, and a set of swimming aids this kind of as a snorkel, arm bands and a ring.

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Gabriele Skucas

A pair of swings were attached to the rears of two designs, whilst an additional wore a ball pit cage that covered his head and surrounded his torso.

The childhood references were paired with slim-fitting T-shirts, shorts and trousers, all loosely knitted and worn with oversized slippers made using the exact same method.

Susan Fang

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Susan Fang

The mobiles of 20th century American sculptor Alexander Calder have been replicated as adornments and add-ons by Susan Fang. Tendrils of chiffon jersey and acrylic shapes have been suspended away from the physique with wires, producing balanced bouncy structures worn about the head, neck or waist.

“The floating wire tendrils are light adequate to orbit about the physique nevertheless sturdy enough to hold the linked garment connected to the wire point,” Fang informed Dezeen.

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Susan Fang

She utilised a neutral colour scheme with accents of red, yellow and blue revealed beneath laser-cut fabric – again referencing Calder’s selective palette.

“I was inspired by how Calder limited his colours in his operate as he felt colour had distinct weights, and largely utilised black, white, major colours or middle colours to perform with the observer’s sense of movement,” Fang mentioned.

Han Kim

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Han Kim

Sparkling metallic prints had been utilised across Han Kim’s fantastical garments, which were paired with lace rabbit ears as a take on Alice in Wonderland-style hallucinations.

“I choose to use classic embroideries and patterns, so I wished to distort this into my own style,” Kim said.

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Han Kim

Making use of his expertise of operating on London’s Saville Row, the designer tailored and embroidered the garments that integrated an oval coat and a giant star-shaped jacket.

“Though I’m developing womenswear, I keen on the bespoke tailoring of suits,” Kim explained. “I have experimented with to use classic approach to make my personal type at the identical time.”

Jim (Chen-Hsiang) Hu

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Jim Hu

Employing a bespoke loom, Jim Hu wove linen threads into 3D structures that he shaped to embellish a collection of red dresses.

“The 3D woven technique – which I named Xi (系) – was designed by means of the looking of a correct vocabulary that tells the story,” he stated. “I was considering that a single thread or fibre could be understood as the most fundamental component of a garment.”

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Jim Hu

“Usually they are woven two dimensionally, which varieties a piece of fabric, and then assembled into a piece or garment,” he continued. “What I did was include one more dimension/variable.”

These have been accompanied by two-dimensional grid patterns about the hems of the garments, created with a laser cutter. “It was not an simple point to arrange the movement of grids and the form of the pattern at the very same time,” Hu admitted.

James Mitchell

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 James Mitchell

James Mitchell took industrial fishermen’s workwear as the starting up level for his collection, which mimicked the shapes of overalls and protective gear in softer, lighter fabrics.

“From the commence of the year I knew I needed to use chiffon in contrast to the hefty oil skin’s worn by trawlermen – expressing an almost romantic notion to the brutality of the occupation,” he advised Dezeen.

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 James Mitchell

Retaining the navy and white colour scheme linked with nautical attire, Mitchell also employed rib jersey for thermal dress in and crinoline for hats – producing layers of garments and add-ons rather than “looks” so the pieces can be worn individually.

“I desired to sustain a utility really feel and masculinity by way of garment construction,” he stated. “Employing flat-lock machines on all of my thermal pieces and French seams on the chiffon developed a clean finish.”

Angus Lai

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Angus Lai

Balloon animals covered the back of a single of Angus Lai’s brightly coloured outfits, which had been digitally printed to signify the artificial colouring of processed rapidly foods, and created as a metaphor for “gluttony and overindulgence”.

“I researched into different graphic illustrations of quick foods and the diverse portrayals of character in quick meals,” Lai explained. “I produced the print and silhouette ideas from my very own stage of view of what foods has carried out to my own self, my mental and physical body, and how my physique is affecting my social daily life, and so on.”

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Angus Lai

Faces could be noticed in a couple of the outfits, which featured horizontal strips of pattern and quilting to resemble burgers – an concept that was also manifested as stacked hats.

“I just needed to do some thing entertaining, experimental and not so wearable as this may be the final chance to generate something that represents myself,” he informed Dezeen.



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