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Autumn. Not all expect this season with joy. The new school year begins. The weather is cooler, and you mentally prepares for the winter. But you look at the good side: new tendencies occur and it has a wonderful occasion to change the interior design.

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Ten new trends wait at the door. Here they are now!

1 artisanal art
They get a very cozy and warm Atmosphäre.Kombinieren with warm shades. Modern, herbstlicher and current there is hardly

2. modern
If you feel like on elements of the modern from the 50s and 60s, then you have another reason to look forward to this autumn. Because this type of design is back in.Among the soft lines, rounded edges, natural materials are characterised by

3. vintage items
in garish shades of the vintage style in itself has long been in.But this season you should make a choice, where the garish shades prevail

4. stylish elements with a male character
Objects, which show a very masculine character, announce the arrival of the new season.

5 fireplaces
They are in this fall season whose climax is reached. In terms of the style you should feel free.

6 eclectic furniture
We mean in this case furniture with classic trains and meaningful shades. The character you sought it, is plentiful and fresh.

7 British retreat and French
fine style In the design of the world dominate these two tendencies of the Herbstdesignideen for 2014! They write perfectly in any premises

8 natural materials
To get even closer to nature. Here we mean the forms on the one hand and also the used materials. Stone, wood and ceramic are widely used.

9 simplicity and privacy
Minimalism would be the appropriate approach in all aspects. The clear lines are not only a part of the fashionable interior design, but reflect the philosophy and the nature of the good budget.

10 excess decoration and accessories
Individuality is important.Their own character you should get through decoration and accessories essential to the validity

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