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Fabrics and textiles allow cozy and enlivened the space. Materials and colours in the style of the residing location are especially crucial, due to the fact it spends exactly the most time at property. The curtains for residing room conjure up the mood and based on the colour and materials permit a lot more or less light fall and react in a different way. Locate out more about which materials and fibres in the modern style are common and get inspiration.

Curtains Living opaque blue colors liberty DECORTEX seaview

Linen fabric is one of the oldest organic fibres, that folks have used for the production of practical textiles. As a curtain of pure linen material finds broad utilization assortment – in various versions he can be very informal and rustic result and on the other hand – classy and stylish. His tissue has several rewards – durability, further strength, sturdiness, cools, can take away the moisture and submitting once again. At the very same time, he is fairly sensitive to the crease. In blended with cotton or synthetic, these drawbacks are eliminated reasonably.

Curtains Living opaque Antoinette Dedar Silk Cotton black

Zephyr, flowers and Ikat are curtains for residing room or other indoor places by Dedar, Italy. They incorporate largely linen fabric: Zephyr – one hundred%, flowers – 58% jute and 42% linen, Ikat – 39% cotton, 22% CA, 20% linen, 19% silk. Classy and made from natural fibres these substances have a specifically exotic by their patterns. The accessible colour palette and the show are inspired by the ornaments and the culture of the Central Asia.

Curtains Living opaque balance Carnegie flameproof pattern blue beige

Diamon 120 is manufactured of a refractory materials – Trevira. The curtains are particularly resilient and simple to care for – washable also in the home. The Trevira fibers consist of polyester, whose Fasern have been modified in their chemical structure, that even following long use – washing, taking advantage of extended-term security from external influences, this kind of as fire, supply. Residence textiles manufactured of this material are really popular, as in the case of a fire considerably much less toxic gases build.

Curtains Living opaque bouquet zephyr taupe

Antoinette is anthracite grey fabric, embroidered with white ornaments. It consists of 80% silk and 20% cotton. The conventional motif of the node was transferred to Shantung silk, unique Chinese silk material, with its standard irregular surfaces,Leonia is created from a slightly falling, probably sentient blended fabric – taffeta. It consists of 70% polyester and thirty% silk and is really easy to care for, washable and resistant.

Curtains Living opaque faith Castello del Barro gray paisley pattern ornaments luxury

Tyvek is a packaging materials which is at the same time characterized with the properties of the paper and material – light-weight and soft, with certain luster. It consists of higher-density polyethylene fibers and is one hundred% recyclable, manufactured in a sustainable method. It’s distinctive silky and light reflective, breathable and water repellent. Most generally utilized this material in the packaging industry.

Curtains Living opaque candy Sonya rykel Cotton Silk lelivre

Flake is made up of several flower-shaped factors, which can – totally free produced straightforward in the preferred dimension that fit with each other components. A relatively durchlässigere search is accomplished, if not an element incorporates into every single gap. It is employed as forehand, room dividers, table cloth, or simply as a three-dimensional decoration in the Interior. 2007 in Cologne this project on the international furnishing show novation was awarded Prize for innovation.

Curtains Living opaque DECORTEX Harmony patterned light blue beige

Curtains Living opaque designer Mia Cullin Flake flake white Tyvek

Curtains Living opaque designer Mia Cullin Flake Flakes Tyvek

Curtains Living opaque geometrically patterned colorful charisma DECORTEX red

Curtains Living opaque green ottoman adagio Carnegie polyester

Curtains Living opaque green Pastel diamond120 Dedar fireproof Trevira

Curtains Living opaque innovative Rideau oo fab design white polyethylene

Curtains Living opaque Intelligent Design Maci turquoise white pattern gray polyester

Curtains Living opaque Leonia Dedar silk polyester strips color

Curtains Living opaque Matisse pattern blue black white zephyr

Curtains Living opaque Mia Cullin Flake Tyvek

Curtains Living opaque microfiber Sweet Jojo white stripes dark blue green

Curtains Living opaque mustard yellow ikat jacquard pattern ornaments Dedar

Curtains Living opaque oo fab design polyethylene Leichtweiß France

Curtains Living opaque pop coquelicot Sonya rykel lelivre cotton strips

Curtains Living opaque turquoise flowers linen Dedar it

Curtains Living opaque Vilino linen Castello del Barro Natural Fiber Collection

Curtains Living opaque waermeisolierend gray polyester overstock modern

curtains living room stripes opaque white blue linen Dedar Zephyr IT

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