16 fresh and functional bunk beds dormitories children’s children are the typical scenario of the bunks, but if you want to give a modern and functional look to your kids room you can not miss this fantastic selection That we present. They are decorative solutions That follow the style of the room, and at the same time in many cases added a good amount of storage space.


The children’s bunk beds can be found in any decorative style that you ” like, from the contemporary to the more classic through the rustic, Provençal and shabby chic. This interesting option of minimalist Separates perfectly in the room environments.


Even in very tight spaces we can install a bunk bed of current design That Creates a funny and nice bedroom. As you can see in practices and elegant example you are far from typical stairs you can create scales. In This kind of stairs you can leave storage space inside. A very original bunk bed, simple and easy to build. May it be a good way to build our own hands With something to our little ones.

These bunks mounted in the wall allow children to enjoy a great clearance for play and homework. This litter Have curtains as a small puppet theaters That will result from more fun for our little ones. The staircase is Also a shelf That is working to Have the room in order. These air sailor bunk beds are extremely practical and elegant. Each step is a drawer for storing clothes and other belongings.

In a way like this bunk bed is all part of a piece of furniture has drawers and a small closet That. A staircase in a tree or a classic solid wood staircase. There are so many aesthetic options That the stairs are well integrated into the whole. Open or closed, two or even four beds. The options are as broad as the needs of each family. These will be more than just bunk beds for your children to bed, will be quite an adventure. And speaking of adventure this ladder of rope and wood will be a prize for your little ones. Play pirates will never be Easier!


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