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Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


New year, new goals. Let one of your goals be getting more organized this year. It will ease your life. First step for this is to know where do you keep your important items. Among the most important are of course – keys. It is real trouble when you lose your keys. You have to make little space in your house where you can put your keys. So be creative and make that space interesting and stylish. We present you 15 DIY key holders that will awake your imagination.

Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


Get Organized: 15 Creative DIY Key Holder Ideas


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Making an Entrance

With the new yr comes new things, so why not commence with the 1 initial point you stage by means of every day. The entrance. Every single area has that wow factor that your eyes gravitate in direction of. What if that wow aspect occurred ahead of you even got in the room?

living room, lounge, styling, interior styling, decoration, design:
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How do you make an entrance into a area? Right here are a couple of suggestions:
would love to use this idea to trim out the entry into my kitchen from the family room:
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Der Mythos lebt: Schon der Name Marrakeschs ruft Bilder aus 1001 Nacht hervor – märchenhaft schön, geheimnisvoll, faszinierend. Seit Jahrhunderten nährt die Stadt zu Füßen des Hohen Atlas Träume un...:
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Pantry. Kitchen Pantry. Kitchen Pantry Design. Kitchen Pantry Ideas. #Kitchen #pantry #KitchenPantry Lorin Hill, Architect:
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Marie Antoinette's Playhouse — vivelareine: Christie’s: Marie Antoinette–A life...:
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What are you interested in shifting this new yr?

Lounge Living Project by Bartoli Design

Lounge Residing Venture is a model apartment made by Bartoli Style for Laurameroni, recognized in the brand showroom found in Milan central through Durini. Design and artwork are the major themes designed in the undertaking, which also demonstrates the possibility to customize the furnishings pieces by Bartoli Design for any interior area.




The apartment was conceived as an interpretation of the common urban flat: the one particular-hundred square meter floor plan was renovated for this objective using furniture components only and keeping away from structural and masonry functions. The concept was to develop both a representative and cozy interior, dividing the room by screens and passages into three places: entrance, kitchen and residing with dining, with the “Decor” wooden panels by Bartoli Style providing a warm feeling to the whole apartment and a rouge throughout the house. Doors, wall and ceiling panels have hence been designed as aspects of distinction and interior furnishing, to enrich the spaces in which they are utilised. The combination of colors generates a distinctive palette, providing persona to the home.




The factors realize a comfy and sophisticated atmosphere, where distinct furniture pieces are combined with naturalness the “Decor” carved wood panels, the hand-brushed lacquered panels in a warm dark grey tent and the wrinkled fabrics upholstering the large “Drapè” ottomans, all by Bartoli Design, are worked out in the most accurate way: the treasured work of craftsmen offers existence to the layout of the architect. The entrance exhibits a teak sideboard by Bartoli Style, a piece of large design and craftsmanship, combined with the colorful wool carpet and the upholstered pouf with a velvet cover, to give the location its sense of place.







Artworks by painters Eleonora Pozzi and Mauro Calvi were selected by the architect for this area and the living whilst pictures by Matteo Maggioni and Gianmarco Meroni are displayed in the intimate passage, opposite to the “Le Formiche Nere” cupboard by artist Emilio Isgrò. (photos 02-03) The living room storage wall is also outfitted with a fireplace niche on 1 side and a show niche on the other. The two of them function Carrara white marble to develop highlights in the wall. A reduced table made by Sottsass completes the sofa area and two totem-like “Cirque” containers in walnut by Bartoli Layout, are placed as sculptural aspects between living and dining, remarking the significance of artwork and design and style in this interior task.


Every thing is created and created to measure, even the kitchen, in which the same wall panels utilised in the living room give this spot a new ambiance. Launched by the “Mandala” wall unit on the left side, the kitchen is classy and functional, equipped with a operating isle with carved doors and cream marble prime, a wooden countervailing hiding each technical spots and ventilation, wall hanging containers and metal shelves utilised as the visual backdrop when hunting at the kitchen from the residing. Below the bookshelves is a console (for informal dining and reading through) from the “Stars” assortment, finished with black steel metal sheets as the shelves. The wall and pendant lighting elements in copper and black steel, from the Laurameroni collection, have also been personalized by Bartoli Design and style for this undertaking.  Photos by Vincenzo Caccia Styling by Francesca Sassi


Why We Chose To Paint Every Room White


Why We Chose To Paint Every Room White | Dream Green DIY

Happy 2016! I hope that everybody loved a blissful vacation and that you&#8217re all raring to go this new year. I, for 1, can&#8217t wait to get going with all of the huge, big strategies that I have for 2016, and am making it my objective to expertise the best 12 months yet—both personally and professionally. So, let&#8217s kick issues off with our vibrant white updates within, with images by the extremely talented Andrea Pesce.

Waaaaaaaay back in September correct after our previous property went below contract, I had manufactured a not-so-secret pact with myself to paint every wall in our new property vivid white. I even went so far as to start off selecting out the excellent shade of white, and mentioned lots of paint shade alternatives right here. Well, we&#8217ve last but not least produced it to the new property, and I&#8217ve presently commenced the slow process of transforming the interior to white. The change—to say the least—has been dramatic. Beneath, I&#8217m sharing the three principal factors why we determined to paint every single room white in situation you&#8217re considering about performing the very same in your very own room.

Why We Chose To Paint Every Room White | Dream Green DIY

White Offsets Other Colours Flawlessly

I&#8217m sort of obsessed with colour. Like, genuinely obsessed. So, why did I make a decision to throw that preference out the window to paint our walls the most purely-devoid-of-shade colour? Because this is genuinely the only way that I can get away with including colorful furniture and add-ons to our spaces with no the general search going overboard. Because our walls are now white (at least in the basement, bathroom, and front rooms so far), I can layer something I want in the rest of the space and the finished search won&#8217t feel as well garish.

P.S. How handsome is our pup, Rocky, above? Andrea captured his Eeyore stare completely!

Why We Chose To Paint Every Room White | Dream Green DIY

It Saves Money In The Long Run

Due to the fact I was ready to settle on 1 single color (&#8220High Reflective White&#8221 by Sherwin Williams), I can get my interior paint in bulk for the complete property. That means that, rather of paying $ 60 more than and more than once again on a single gallon of paint at a time, I can select up a five-gallon bucket for $ 250, which saves me about fifty bucks. I&#8217d significantly rather put that $ 50 in the direction of new throw pillows than paint, so indicator me up for the bulk purchase, please! I&#8217m also pretty thrilled about the thought of storing a single massive bucket instead of five small topple-prone gallons of paint, but that might just be me.

Why We Chose To Paint Every Room White | Dream Green DIY

You Can&#8217t Beat The Brightness

My biggest cause for going with white paint although? All. Of. That. Light. I think it&#8217s quite simple to see in Andrea&#8217s photos that the light is pretty killer in the front of the property, and a big cause why it seems so bright is the fact that these white walls reflect sunshine all in excess of the area. I&#8217m sorry for saying it like this (John would make fun of me), but that bouncy light is just about the most deliriously delicious thing to wake up to every morning.

Why We Chose To Paint Every Room White | Dream Green DIY

Do I want a minimalist look with absolutely nothing but black and white furnishings, art, and equipment? I can do that with white walls, no problem. Or perhaps I decide that I want to dial up the bohemian vibes, and layer in tons of plants, patterns, and textiles. With white walls as my backdrop, I can do that, too. It&#8217s just about the most versatile shade there is, and makes my inability to stick to a selection for really extended much easier to live with.

Would you ever paint your complete home white? If it isn&#8217t for you, what is your go-to color? I&#8217m all ears!

(Photographs by Andrea Pesce Photography)

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Garden with bio-filter pond and natural materials – a house in Chile

Garden with bio-filter pond and normal resources – a house in Chile

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