Specht Architects orients recessed New Mexico house towards desert vistas


The shifting striations cast by the wooden ceiling beams resemble a sundial – the time-telling device from which the residence takes its name.

“A long, thin, strip skylight casts shadows on a highly textured board-formed concrete wall within the house,” the firm’s founder and principal Scott Specht told Dezeen. “These shadows change over the course of the day, and you can ‘feel’ the passage of time due to the changing lighting conditions.”


By directing the house towards the best landscape vistas and including temporal characteristics of the site a into the design, the architects sought to create a home that is well incorporated into its surroundings.

“The movement of the sun, and the way the house incorporates and modulates this, really make the passage of the day an important part of the experience of the place,” said Specht.



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