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WHOOT! It’s that time again…the best day of the year! It’s the Thrifty Justa Decor Girls’ birthday! 😉

If you are totally confused – today is my birthday. And it just turns out that my blogging BFF has the same birthday. Her name is Chris and she blogs at Just a Girl. When we realized we had the same birthday it didn’t come as a surprise to us really. We are so alike about MOST things it’s just weird. (But she doesn’t like noodles…that’s right up there with not liking ranch dressing. Helloooo.)

Let’s say I think this girl is amazing and after the year she’s had – she is one of my heroes. I am so thankful to have her in my life, even though she is a state away.

Here’s a few of my favorite spots in her beautiful home – this front porch? The stuff fall dreams are made of:

fall front porch

And her organized garage is RIDIC. I can’t even finish that word it’s so blissfully organized:

black door garage

Her dining room is so classic and lovely – it’s one of my favorite spaces in her house:

square table dining room

Which is weird, by the way. That I only see her house online and I’ve never been in it. But I know I’d walk right in and open up her fridge. Blogger friendships are funny. 🙂

The dining room is gorgeous but this bathroom is perfection:

coastal bathroom

Planked walls! Black vanity! Blue ceiling? Yep, all of it.

If you’ve been around for a few years you know we celebrate our birthday each year by giving one of YOU a gift card. Cause we’re cool like that. You just have to answer ten questions. The first five are here and then you can go on over to visit Chris and answer the rest. When you’re done comment (on either blog) and let us know how many you got right.

I mean seriously…some of these are EASY. Some…pretty hard. You may have to click on the quiz button to get it to load, but it should after that. Remember Chris is Just a Girl and Sarah is me. 🙂

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Have fun! I’ll be back on Monday my friends!

Thrifty Decor Chick


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